Our well known Antonov An-2 (HA-MKF) over-wintered safely in Hungary, but it took longer than expected to obtain cost estimates for the routine engine change and other necessary maintenance.
In April a review of economic conditions in the UK left it uncertain whether or not sufficient flying displays and introductory flights could be booked and flown in the second half of 2018 to pay the maintenance bill.

In practical terms the Club decided it would be more realistic to rest the An-2 in 2018 and seek finance from anyone interested in this very special classic operation for future years. If you know of anyone who might like to be involved in a group, alone, or in "Crowd Funding" please contact us !

The AN2 Club Team

Welcome to the AN-2 Club


The Antonov AN-2 Club was formed 20 years ago to encourage interest in "the worlds' biggest biplane", to keep suitable examples in flying condition and create opportunities to experience the AN-2 in flight. 

The Club helps members enjoy recreational activities involved with flying such as visiting air shows, aviation museums and historic airfields in the UK and Europe.

The Club's Hungarian registered AN-2, HA-MKF, provides introductory club flights and participates in flying displays and events both in the air and as a static exhibit.

There are opportunities for members to share the cost of flights to a variety of airfields and for pilots with at least a PPL to experience flying the AN-2.

Whenever operational conditions allow, we are always happy to open the aircraft for a close up view of the passenger cabin and cockpit.  


  • Judging by the very positive reaction from the public, the AN2 made our event one to remember. Your display was truly unique and captivated the crowd who were very entertained. Our air traffic control were amazed at the aircraft.

    P A Chivers OBE - Royal Navy

  • I have been asked to pass on sincere thanks for a memorable day. I can understand how you get such a buzz in being captain of such a wonderful machine.

    Lion Flying Group


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